Carlsbad Mennonite Church

Carlsbad Mennonite ChurchCarlsbad Mennonite Church had its beginnings in the mid 1960’s as the result of several Mennonite families moving into the community followed by Mennonite Voluntary Service personnel working and serving in the community. Later several Mennonite retirees made Carlsbad their winter home and a few stayed permanently.

Carlsbad Mennonite is a member congregation of the Mennonite Church USA/ Rocky Mountain Mennonite Conference with an assigned Conference Minister who serves as a Counselor and Resource person and liaison with the world-wide Mennonite Church Family.

Our self-understanding as a congregation is that we are a Christ-centered, biblically based faith-community holding many common, core, biblical beliefs with other Christian denominations. We encourage fraternal relationships with “anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and wants to live as Jesus taught.”

We are committed to follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ in all our life, work and worship. This includes service to people in need and calling people to reconciliation with God and one another through faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus , in his life on earth, exemplified for us a way to live peacefully and nonviolently , therefore we intend to give ultimate loyalty to God.

Our declared congregational mission is:
“To provide Christian worship, Christian discipleship training and fellowship within the congregation as well as to reach out into the world, fostering relationships and bringing the Gospel to those outside the Kingdom of God.”

Scheduled Congregational Activities include Sunday morning worship and Bible classes for all ages; Sunday evening adult reflection meetings and children’s Bible Club; weekly home fellowship and prayer groups; weekly youth meetings; monthly men’s and women’s prayer breakfasts; a monthly congregational pot-luck fellowship meal.

We invite and Welcome visitors to any of our congregations Activities.

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Carlsbad Mennonite Church

at Olive and McKay

1204 McKay